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Body Balance

Feeds & Repairs Each Cell in Body; Best Immunity to Disease, Body Repairing & Healing Itself!


Advanced nutrition to Support Cardiovascular and Brain Health.

Colon Cleanse

A cleanse that is gentle and natural. Detoxify, Remove Parasites, Prevent Sickness, and  Disease.


Liquid Calcium with Magnesium, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin D3 etc. Maintain healthy Bones & Joints. Non-Vegan


Liquid Calcium with Magnesium, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omegas 3’s & 6’s etc. Maintain health Bones & Joints.  Vegan.


Memory, Mood, & Muscle. Recharge, Recovery & Maximize Mental/Physical Energy

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is one of Nature’s most effective wellness products.   Our Silver is 99.99% . A must have for every wellness  cabinet!.


Glucosamine, MSM, & Ipriflavone. If you have joint pain, you need FlexeoPlus. 

“Joint Care from the Inside Out!” 


Nature’s most effective antimicrobial and immunostimulant agents. Works wonders today for your immune system.

Gentle Cleanse

A  formula that will give you colon and intestinal health. It yields a natural laxative effect, healthy elimination, and intestinal cleansing.

Intestinal Tone

A rich source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble for keeping you clean on the inside, paramount to maintaining good health.

Activated Charcoal

Provides one of nature’s best and purest detoxifier and has a wonderful cleansing effect that will benefit anyone who uses it.


3 Protein: Whey, Pea, & Rice designed for Muscle Strength and Performance! 30 grams of Protein per Single Serving. Build muscle and burn body fat.

True Greens

100% Organic Green Super Food.  “Salad Bar in a Jar™” is an abundant source of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes our bodies desperately need daily.


Vitali-C Plus® is the next revolution in immune nutrition. Your best defense against illness is a healthy immune system!  Boost your immune system with premier Vitali-C Plus®.

Herbal Body Wrap

Detoxify and lose inches in one hour with Herbal Body Wrap in the comfort of your own home. 


Metabolism Booster

BENew Metabolism Booster increases metabolic activity, as well as energy, and promotes healthy weight-loss.

BeFull AminoCharge

Meal replacement protein. Designed for Sport Nutrition & Weight Management Organic & Grass Fed Proteins Growth Hormone Free.

Weight-Loss Pack

Transform your body…Transform your workouts…Transform your life! Products that work for busy individuals!


TruBoost promotes mental clarity, emotional well-being, and concentration. Combat stress, fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, and tension.

Bone & Joint Pack

Our Bone and Joint line delivers the essential minerals and nutrients your body needs for strong bones and flexibility.

Super Immune Pack

Colloidal Silver, supports body’s natural defenses. Taheebo- Pau D’ Arco, “Giver of Life”. Vitali-C-Plus, the next generation in immune nutrition.

Immune Pack

Together, Colloidal Silver & Taheebo are an effective and affordable way to enhance health for the entire family.


Healthy Lean Pack

Feeds & repairs all cells resulting in your body healing itself, while building muscle & burning body fat, plus a treasure chest of over 30 organic ingredients aiding in weight-loss.

Base Line Pack

Feed & Repair all Cells in your body with our Liquid Organic Whole food Vitamin, while giving your bones the liquid goodness of  calcium-orotate with D3 & More. 

Body Balance/TruBoost

Now  you can balance energy, and create clear, calm, focused emotional well-being while your body heals itself one cell at a time.



Heart, Brain, & Cellular Health. Energy – Performance – Endurance – Vitality – Improved Health.