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 Woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Gets Her Life Back

At 35 years young I was the owner of two successful businesses. In a very short period of time I was stuck in bed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Sleeping 20 hours a day for 10 months I had to shut down my businesses and live off loans while others cared for me and my 3 young children. A friend gave me 2 bottles of Liquid Vitamin Body Balance telling me to drink 4 ounces per morning and 4 ounces per evening. I was willing to try anything at this point but sure didn’t think much would help. I took my 8 ounces per day and within two weeks I was sleeping 10 hours a day. Then by the end of a month I was out of bed and starting back to work!  I’m not cured of MS but without Liquid Vitamin Body Balance I’m convinced I would be in a full time care facility. With Body Balance my life is active and healthy. Besides the 8 ounces of Body Balance per day I also mix in several of the other Life Force products such as OsteoProCare Liquid Calcium and FlexeoPlus Joint Care which have helped with other pains common to MS. With these products I have my life back!
Stacey, Colorado

 Faster Bone Healing:

Hi everyone,
I want to let you know that the doctor and the chiropractor is happy with my healing progress. I saw them on Thursday and they said the bones are staying in place and healing very well. The pain I’m still having is from the trauma to the soft tissue (muscles) and to keep taking my liquid supplements and the pain med and muscle relaxers and give the body time to heal. It’s been only 3 weeks and they said the healing process looks likes 5 weeks and they feel it’s due to the Liquid Calcium OsteoProCare and Body Balance that I’m taking and the body utilizing the product and is healing the body faster. Someone at my age should be behind in healing, since longer for the body to heal as we get older it takes. The bruise on my left butt cheek was gone in 1 1/2 week and the doctor said the way I landed on that hip and being 55 yrs old I should of broke my hip and was amazed that I didn’t, that’s when I told him about the Liquid Calcium OsteoProCare that I’ve been taking, he was very impressed, he said that it’s the best product he’s every seen or read about. I want to thank all you you for your prayers. I pray your all doing well.
Love ya Opal

Pain Free from Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

“Well, I’ll be” is a quaint Southern saying that my great-great-aunt Ethel used to affirm people in conversations.   She had no idea that it was short for “well, I’ll be damned”.  I share this because that was the state I was in, suffering from chronic severe pain.  But several years ago I made a conscious decision that I would turn that saying around and… WELL, I would be!
At age 13, my recurring pain and what appeared to be symptoms of repeated urinary tract infections baffled the doctors.  They prescribed antibiotics for the supposed UTIs and gave me large dose Naprosen and Motrin prescriptions for the pain.
By age 23, I had self-determined that caffeine was a main culprit for the repeated UTIs and I eradicated it from my diet.  But by this time, my issues had broadened with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Around 33, the dilemma had progressed to a point that many food items and even circumstances were “triggers” for the still recurring UTIs and IBS bouts.  Dinner out or an intimate evening with my husband could end with days of severe abdominal pain.  I visited many specialists, and finally was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis [also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome].  With that diagnosis came the term – chronic.
Over the next 5 years, the bouts worsened by both length and severity and the frequency increased, finally coming to a head when I began passing blood clots in my urine.   With the crippling pain and debilitating effect on my life as a mother, wife, and employee, I had to find an answer.  The doctors wanted to prescribe Pentosan [only oral drug approved by FDA specifically for IC], which I would have to take — forever.  How it works is unknown, as are the long-term effects.
Knowing that food was the main trigger, it must also be the answer… so I began my research.  Aloe was the main ingredient needed to counteract the IC.  I began an exhaustive search for the right aloe:  liquid form, not a pill; something that I could stomach the taste and stand the texture.
Liquid Organic Body Balance by Life Force International is my miracle find.   With its aloe base and the minerals from the sea vegetables, it is the perfect whole food to counter my condition.  After only a couple of months on Body Balance, my IC was under control and the IBS left completely.  A small cup of 2-3 ounces each day keeps me in balance.  At times of great stress or bad diet, I take an extra drink.
Today I am pain free and have no frequency issues.  WELL, I Am!
Susan Y., NC

Woman Beats Allergies, Asthma, Headaches, Digestive Problem

I once had allergies so bad I was taking over the counter and prescriptions the majority of the time, I also had injections for pollen and molds, they never seemed to help. I also have food allergies, and allergic to animal dander. My stomach would be upset I would have headaches and diarrhea. The asthma would flare up I would need to use an inhaler. Every spring I would see the doctor for sinus infections and feel like I was in a fog and my energy was zapped. The doctor told me I may not live to see my grandchildren if I didn’t make changes.
After being on Liquid Body Balance for awhile I noticed I could breathe better, no more upset stomachs, headaches, infections, I haven’t had to go to the doctor only for yearly check ups. I am amazed how this whole nutrition food has built up my immune system. I am so ever thankful to the people who have encouraged me to take control of my health so I can have a better life.
What a blessing.
Pam McKinney, South Dakota

High Blood Pressure, Depression, Insomnia

Before hearing about Life Force I had been doctoring for lots of things: high blood pressure, depression, female problems and insomnia.  My blood pressure was off the charts, being 150 over 97.  I never wanted to be on medication so I didn’t take any…..I thought I was healthy enough and I had NO idea of possible stroke.
After being on Liquid Body Balance for just a few day I was sleeping through the night.  My blood pressure is normal now 100 over 62.  My depression has lifted and I feel great.  Recently, there has been times in my career that I was in a stressful situations and I have sailed right through due to being on Liquid Body Balance.  It has made an incredible difference in my life.
I have my life back.  I love to share that on a scale from 1-10 before being on Liquid Body Balance I was about a four and now I’m at 10.
I always thought I was healthy and I always felt good but I’ve never felt this good.
I am amazed at the power of whole food nutrition.
Blessings, Sandra A. Sawyer

Energy, Stamina UP!

I am an arborist and I climb trees using ropes and gafts on my feet. I am 55 years old, so this is a very strenuous profession for a man my age. Many times, I would really have to push myself to get through the job. I am now taking a protein powder called AminoCharge. I notice that my energy level is up, my body strength is up and I have the stamina to work at a steady pace all day. Thank you AminoCharge!
Jeffrey H.,  Paonia, CO

Chronic Yeast Infections – A Real Solution!

For years I have suffered from yeast infections.  By the time I hit 40, they were considered chronic.  Over and over I was tested for diabetes and thyroid conditions.  I gave up alcohol, went off oral contraceptives, and completely cut out carbohydrates.  I spent thousands of dollars buying probiotics, acidophilus, and a myriad of other natural remedies.   I ate so much yogurt my husband suggested we get our own cow.  I was buying over-the-counter remedies at least monthly, and took prescriptions meds until my doctor feared for my liver.  I knew the yeast was the result of an imbalance of bacteria in my gut, but I tried all the traditional methods of restoring this balance and nothing seemed to work. The doctors didn’t seem to have any solutions, and frankly seemed less than concerned about my situation.  I had just about accepted that this was just my lot in life when my family started taking Body Balance Liquid Whole food as a daily supplement.  Seeing such positive results from this product (our first illness-free Christmas since my daughter was born in 2001!) encouraged me to ask about a product for yeast; I was referred to Taheebo.  I started taking Taheebo 4-6 times a day about 6 months ago.  I have not had a full blown yeast infection since.  I now take it morning and night; more often if I feel the onset of symptoms.  This is a product that I willsomething that truly changes your life.  If you suffer from chronic yeast infections, you’ll believe me when I say this product has done just that! take for life. It’s not very often that you discover
Meg,  Tampa, FL

Chemotherapy, Breast Cancer, Bowel Distress, Mouth Sores,  Migraines, Restless Legs: Gone

In January of 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and then started chemotherapy a month later.  My sister had undergone chemotherapy and while she assured me I would be fine, she also gave me pointers on how to cope with the very uncomfortable (okay, miserable) side effects such as bowel distress and mouth sores.
With this in mind, I knew I had to do something to try to build my body’s defense systems.   When Kathy Price walked into my office one day, I followed a prompting to ask her about Body Balance.  I began taking it immediately.
I had chemotherapy treatments every other week and I was on what they refer to as “dose-dense” therapy.  In other words, they plastered me with chemo because I had a very aggressive form of breast cancer.   While I did suffer with nausea, especially with the first drug, I kept waiting for the abdominal distress to come.  I never got it.  I also seemed to bounce back faster than other chemo patients.  When I sat in the therapy room with other ladies, I could hear them talking about the famous mouth sores.  I was so afraid of getting them because to hear them talk, they would totally put you out of commission, and I needed to be able to work.  One woman described her mouth sores as if someone had pulled her tongue out of her mouth and run a cheese grater over it until it was raw and bleeding.
When I started the second drug, a receptionist handed me a piece of paper with suggestions as to what I could do when I developed mouth sores.  I told her that I hadn’t had any yet.  She said, “Well, I hope you don’t get them, but most people do.”  A few weeks later, I awoke in the night with a very sore tongue.  It felt as if it were on fire and like I had extremely large canker sores…although I didn’t.  I got out of bed and took a pain killer, but I also put some Body Balance in my mouth and just let it sit there for quite awhile.  I did this several times throughout the day and by that evening, my sore mouth was gone.  When I related this story to my doctor he said, “That doesn’t happen to anybody! If they get mouth sores, they really get mouth sores.”
Another blessing I had was that of my blood count.  I never had to take a shot to keep my platelets or red blood cell count high.  My doctor would say,  “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up.”
One day my daughter was visiting me while I was on chemo, and she said, “Mother, I haven’t heard you complain about a headache for a long time.”  I had to stop and think about it.  I had suffered with migraines for some time, and after my daughter said that, I realized I hadn’t had a headache for several weeks.  And I have only had one bad headache since that time.  My migraines are gone.  I also don’t have any restless legs anymore.  Shortly after my chemotherapy and radiation treatments were finished, I decided that I would “wean” myself off of “Liquid Organic Product”,  I thought I wouldn’t need to take it anymore.  Boy was I wrong!   I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other!  I decided that I could never really be without it.  I am convinced that I need it for overall well-being, but also to help my body fight off a return of the cancer.
Kim H.