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The Purpose

The purpose of this page is to store a
collection of life-changing stories from one of a kind products. These stories contain testimonies on
health and wealth. We sincerely hope you share these with everyone,
because you never know what a significant impact it could
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 Appendix Removal – Fast Recovery!

I am back at work 3.5 days after my appendix being removed and I credit it all to Body Balance and Taheebo.
Thursday, January 27 at around 10 am I was having stomach cramps and by 3 pm I was in the clinic at work, 4 pm at the Urgent care near my home and 10 pm in an ambulance to Shady Grove Hospital to have my appendix removed.  At 11 pm they removed my appendix, 12 midnight I was in post-op, 1:30 am I was in my room and at 11 am the next morning (Friday) I was being released.  My appendix did not puncture or burst and because it was inflamed but otherwise in good condition when they removed it from my belly button, they did not even put me on antibiotics, because no toxins were released into my system.  I had no pain, never took any pain medication, ate pot roast for lunch and pork shops for dinner on Friday.  The next day went to game night with friends, church and to get my nails done on Sunday and I was in the office at noon on Monday.  I will be back at the gym tomorrow morning at 6 am and my only restrictions are no lifting over 15 pounds for the first month and no crunches or abdominal exercises for 30 days (however, my 9 minute mile on the elliptical, is ok, if I feel up to it)
I really can say that my 45 minute workout a day, my 1200 calorie diet, and my daily regimen of Body Balance (6 oz)  is why I am back to my routine in 3.5 days after surgery!
Thank you Life Force!

More Energy, Stamina, and Mental Focus

The very first day I started the Re-Balance, Recharge and Recovery, I noticed a change in my energy levels, stamina, and the ability to mentally process everything on my plate for the day. After a few days of putting this pure nutrition into my body, I realized I hadn’t even thought about drinking my daily second cup of coffee, because I was already aware and ready to take what was next.
There is no other product on the market that is like Re-Balance Recharge and Recovery, I will confidently recommend this to anyone needing greater lifestyle balance, better energy, recovery from positive or negative stress, or simply to ramp up the full nutrition Body Balance and OsteoProCare offers. Carolyn S.; Elizabethtown, PA

Hormone Issues, Energy


After having 2 miscarriages within a year (one at 16 weeks one at 7), I felt down and that I was lacking something. I also felt that I needed a bit of healing inside and out. I tried all sorts of pills and felt worse while I was on them. I decided to stop taking them altogether.
I had been looking for an organic product that could help me with all sorts of things from fluid retention to hormone imbalance. After only a few days of taking Liquid Body Balance, I started to feel better and gained more energy. I also felt happier with the additional energy that I experienced. I have introduced it to mother who suffers menopause night sweats and is waking every 2 hours. She now sleeps right through the night, has more energy, and gets up early to garden.
I am so grateful to have been introduced to this wonderful product and will continue to keep using it and reap the rewards.
Tara McGhie

Hypothyroid, Goiter

Hi there, my name’s Ray Grigonis and I’m excited to tell you about a great health change that’s come my way.  I do home remodeling work and over the years inhaled many chemicals, which included arsenic from pressure treated wood. I discovered that I’d acquired many health problems due to this and learned that I was on the road to getting some serious diseases such as Parkinsons at an early age. I worked with various wellness products, the latest being natural food supplements in pill form from Australia.
My wife is a Holistic Therapist and she started recommending Body Balance. I listened in to some of her gatherings, while she introduced this product to others and heard many wellness testimonials of the positive effects people had from drinking Body Balance. My wife had asked me if I’d like to try it, but I told her at the time that I wanted to give these other products a fair chance, as they was showing some results, even though they were very expensive and slow moving. A month or two later, I had learned more about the mineral depletion of the soils in the world with the U.S. topping the charts in depletion. Then Australia surpassed us. At this point I decided to try the my wife suggested.
Also, with one of my issues being digestion, I learned that the tablets I had been  taking could only utilized up to 20 percent and in contrast, the liquid would be taken into my blood stream through my mouth up to 98%. This blew me away and I started to notice in a very short period of time, several changes in my health; my energy increased, my Hypothyroid (which was a Goiter) returning to normal. My digestion improved and I experienced many other positive subtle health changes. A few months later I went in for a full exam with my medical doctor and my thyroid checked out perfect with no medications, as did all of my functions. I’ll be drinking this stuff for life.
Sincerely Ray Grigonis


(In a mere 3 months!)
This is me before I started taking Liquid Body Balance.  I felt my life was in crisis, I was very tired and very sad on a scale of 1-10 (1 being really low), I was at 2.  It’s taken me 20 years to find Liquid Body Balance and I am very, very GRATEFUL!

  • BEFORE Liquid Body Balance – early June 2010
    -Stressed, depressed, suicidal thoughts
    -Often irritable, angry, often crying
    -Bi-polar, extreme mood swings
    -Allergic to many things
    -Easily confused, withdrawn, anxious
    -Poor memory
    -Always hungry but not wanting to eat
    -Broken sleep, little sleep
    -Anxious, lethargic, robotic,
    -Raw nerves, sore tummy
    -Dry, itchy, flakey, scaley cracked skin
    -Shakey, feeling like an empty shell
    -Eyes puffy and drippy, lids raw from rubbing irritation
    -Sneezing lots, hay fever, life long sinusitis
    -Aching lower back – no desire to get out of bed and life feeling pointless

TAKING Liquid Body Balance DAILY – Sept.2010

  • -Very happy, laughing lots, newfound confidence
    -Balanced, centered, grounded
    -Better memory  and focus on goals
    -Deep restful sleep & waking refreshed
    -Weight balance, lower food budget
    -Several daily bowel movements
    -Increased energy, walking/running daily
    -Eyes and nose stopped dripping
    -Skin healing
    -Handling more, dealing with lots of people daily
    -Hope and purpose in my life
    -Socializing, inviting lots of people into my home
    -Proud of myself, self employed, creating residual income leading a team of entrepreneurs
    -Speaking on stage and sung on stage
    -Kinder, more patient, tolerant & loving Mum
    Scale of 1 to 10 – I’m an 8, very excited about my life & future getting better & better everyday!

 Night Blindness Gone!

I have had night blindness for years and after 4 days of using the Taheebo I notice when driving in the dark that I wasn’t having problems with the lights of the on coming cars.
Kathy Price and I was had a booth in the Twin Falls, Idaho County fair (6 days) our hours we’re from 10 am to 10 pm we were living on a few hours of sleep and by now I would be sick and I’m not. I thank Life Force for producing a wonderful new product Taheebo.
Thanks Opal

Type II Diabetes – No more Insulin Injections

My husband Stan has suffered with Type II diabetes.  Stan began drinking Liquid Body Balance in September 2008. In November when he went for his visit to the doctor, Stan was told that he no longer needed insulin injections and that his blood sugar has been under control for the last two months.  We couldn’t believe our ears.  He is feeling so much better.  Thank you Life Force for this product.
Great Thanks,  

Flora, Palm Beach Gardens , FL

 Arterial Fibrillation  – Improves and My Energy is Back!

Arterial fibrillation, came into my life in July of 2006. With this condition, the danger is that blood can pool, causing clots, that can move to the heart or brain. Along with it came an unrelenting exhaustion that was always present. It caused me to give up my job in May of 2007. Without strength or energy, my main occupation became holding down my recliner (It was the hardest job I have ever had).
My working days were pretty much over because of not having energy or stamina. In August of 2008 I was introduced to Liquid Body Balance. I began to take four ounces a day. I have now been taking it for three months. I can tell you, it is hard for me to believe the energy and endurance I have now. My get up and go is back. I am out of my recliner.
I searched earnestly for a product that I could feel and see the difference, with results that could be measured. I tried many products. This is the best I have ever found.
On October 29, 2008 I was given a heart cath. My Dr. was pleased and surprised by the improved condition of my heart. He said it was stronger and functioning better with blood flowing more freely through one of my arteries (I had a stint put in November, 2006). He also said, you might want to go back to work. He was against it last year.
Thank You
Larry Jackson

Weight Loss Without Trying, Back Pain, Acid Reflux


I’ve been taking Body Balance for 5 months now with some great benefits to my health, my weight and mental happiness. I lost 20 lbs without even trying, feel great and have great mental clarity. I was troubled with back pain and was taking 4 or 5 Aleve a day, along with anything else I could get my hands on to stop the pain. I don’t even take aspirin now!  My skin is softer and my fingernails grow better than they have my whole life.
My sister was having problems with Acid reflux, she was rundown, and I have to say I was worried about her. I gave her a month’s supply of Body Balance as a gift and she was hooked. She is happy now without the problems of Acid reflux and her energy level is back – and that is after only a month on the product.   – Tonie T., WA

Chron’s Disease, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes all Gone


My son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease almost 4 years ago, he was 13.  Within 1 year they had him on about 8 pills, 2 of them steroids, and he still didn’t feel well.  I started researching vitamins to see if I  could help him another way. After trying a few I found out about Body Balance.  It’s made from 22 sea vegetables and aloe vera juice.  It is a whole natural food with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.   He is now only on 1 pill  (Nexium )  and I may start weaning him off of that also. He’s doing great and his new doctor said that from his colonoscopy/endoscopy he would not even have know he had Crohn’s. I also had been told it would help me with my hot flashes.  I take a combination of the Body Balance and also OsteoProCare which is calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, and Omegas 3, 6 and 9.  All the things my body needs anyway.  I had 10-20 hot flashes per day plus waking in the night from sweating.  Now, with Body Balance, I have no more hot flashes, it’s wonderful.Janet G., Pennsylvania