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The purpose of this page is to store a
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Spina Bifida, Endometriosis, Painful Periods


I was born with Spina Bifida a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close completely before birth, I was one of the lucky ones. Others with this condition experience a canal that does not close at all causing paralysis and hydrocephalus.  I was repaired surgically and watched closely for changes or any trouble throughout my teen years. I have developed many issues related to Spina Bifida but have always managed to push through and live a productive life.
In early adulthood I began to suffer with endometriosis, a gynecological problem which causes many different symptoms, tiredness, pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea,vomiting, weight loss, flu-like symptoms and terrible joint pain. My late twenties to early forties were totally plagued with surgeries and discomfort and although I was never afraid to mix east with west it seemed that I had tried anything I thought might help from Omega 3 fatty acid pills, which were new in the eighties, to new drug trials-but nothing helped until I reached menopause which lifted me out of the endometriosis nightmare that many women suffer from.   Although I was living day to day throughout my life with a pain level of between 10 and 14 with 10 being your worst pain ever experienced, I felt that I would have to push through all of those walls and keep moving…and so I did. Fatigue was a condition that I thought I had become quite familiar with.
It was June of 2002, I had been through a stressful time but life seemed to have leveled out and was ok now….AND THEN IT HIT ME the brick wall of what would become the most devastating medical news I had received in my 49 years, “you have Crohn’s Disease”. I had experienced some weight loss, what woman doesn’t want to shed a few pounds?  I hadn’t had much of an appetite but I thought that it was due to the stress. One afternoon I was afflicted with very bad flu symptoms accompanied by severe pain in my right side. Every bone, muscle and joint in my body hurt. I felt a kind of nausea that I had felt only one other time in my life, it was like a sea sickness. It worsened so dramatically in the next few hours that I called my gynecologist sure that it was some wayward endometriosis attack. A cat scan, blood tests and ultra sound resulted in the bad news of Crohn’s Disease.
I spent five out of seven days laying on the couch because I was so sick that I really couldn’t stay up for any length of time. I thought “is this what my life is going to be”?  I felt tired from the inside out. The nausea was constant and Crohn’s Disease at least in my case is a constant condition.
After a while I felt as though I had tried everything from pills to drug treatments and most everything in between, I became discouraged and disconnected from the rest of my world. Then a good friend told me about ‘Liquid Body Balance” and suggested that I try it.  Although skeptical, I began to take it every day and in one month I noticed a change. I could feel the effects of ‘Liquid Body Balance”. The effects of my low grade fever began to disappear, and my other pains became bearable. Still skeptical that this was the result of taking ‘Liquid Body Balance” I would stop taking it as if to test it for a week only to find myself back in a Crohn’s attack with the nausea, joint and abdominal pain and exhaustion from the inside out!  I found that I didn’t  know the real meaning of fatigue until I was stricken with Crohn’s Disease. It has been 8 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease but with the ‘Liquid Body Balance” I was able to maintain a level of heath that allows me to continue a daily routine. There are no more 4 and 5 days a month spent on the couch. I have a feeling of health and well being with ‘Liquid Body Balance”. The aloe vera helps my digestive system and the sea vegetables nourish my body. It has been a lifesaving product for me and I wish for all of you who read this the same results.
Santa F.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Auto Immune Deficiency, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Body Balance… HAS SAVED MY LIFE! Before I started taking Body Balance I was on multiple prescription medications for life. I have CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome w/Auto Immune Deficiency) , FMS (Fibromyalgia), Raynauds (sensitive to changes in Temperature), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and a whole list of other health issues.  In 1997 I was in a car accident and needed a knee replacement. I was 35 years young at the time, (I just turned 48 years in Dec 2009). After several knee surgeries I finally got a Total Knee Replacement and thought that was the end of my pain and suffering. I was wrong, that’s when all my problems started.  Life changing health issues for LIFE. 

I was on many drugs for pain, muscle ache, back spasms, intestinal issues, GERD (acid reflux), sleep issues including napping daily and insomnia at night. . . total exhaustion with extreme fatigue and poor stamina. 
I suffered from Chronic : Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Headaches, Ear aches, Sore throats, Asthma, Swollen Parotid Glands/Lymph Nodes, Barking cough.  Infections that wouldn’t go away despite the antibiotic regiment, which would include 4 different antibiotics in a row. I also had a fever of Unknown Origin for 3 plus years that baffled all my specialists.
I had been to the best Doctor’s in Boston ~ Infectious Disease Doctor’s, Rheumatology & Autoimmune Disorder Doctor’s, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist’s, Gastroenterologists. Besides my PCP and Orthopedic Surgeon.  I tried the Chiropractic method as well, which helped me.  My pain got so intense I was on Morphine Patches and was offered Oxycontin to keep the edge off the pain. This would be for LIFE ! The health problems I incurred along the way were not going away and only manifesting.  So in all actuality this would be for LIFE !  Daily medications for all my symptoms for LIFE !  That is no way to live your LIFE !
After being on Morphine Patches for a few months I realized that. . . Something has to change!  I knew I had to wean myself off the pain medications and just suffer my life away as this was killing me.  I decided to STOP going to Regular/Specialists Doctors as they were only giving me the same answers “we can give you medication to help with the symptoms”.  My Family and Friends were worried sick and I thought I was going to die.
Through the pain and anguish I had a dear friend tell me about Homeopathy/Holistic way of LIFE which a few of my friends practiced with their families for many years. I just didn’t have an open mind about it and was trying my way first.  She explained to me “when your given a Remedy it takes each symptom AWAY for LIFE”.  My mind was open to anything at this point. I tried the Holistic Way and was grateful for the information given to me. Then my friend told me about Body Balance and how she thought it would help me with my symptoms.  She changed my LIFE!  I have been on Body Balance for four months and it has changed my LIFE !
I’m gradually getting my life back, day by day.  Many of my symptoms have subsided and I stopped napping.  I weaned myself of most of my medications and I’m so excited about this Body Balance. . . it is Liquid Gold.  I stopped taking two medications (Prilosec for Gerd/Dicyclomine for Intestinal Spasms) completely.  That saves me $50.00 dollars a month for co-pays which I put towards my Body Balance.
I’m now an Independent Distributor for Life Force Intl and will pass the words of wisdom that have been passed to me.  Body Balance has saved my LIFE !!   Moral of the story :  Listen to your FRIENDS it could save your LIFE!
~ I have documentation to back up every illness that I have stated above
Alisa M.