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The Purpose

The purpose of this page is to store a
collection of life-changing stories from one of a kind products. These stories contain testimonies on
health and wealth. We sincerely hope you share these with everyone,
because you never know what a significant impact it could
make………just like the stories you are about to read.

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Disclaimer: These are personal accounts and are not claims to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Osteoporosis – Woman Reverses Bone Loss

I have osteoporosis.  No longer taking drugs due to lasting side effects. For me the Life Force products have been a life savior. After taking the joint pack and TruBoost Energy drink for ten months I have seen significant improvement.  My last bone density indicated that I have gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia. Many thanks to Carole and the Life Force Products.
Marcia Bell, Farmingdale, Maine

Nose Bleed & Nose Sore Heals with Colloidal Silver

For last 2 to 3 weeks, I have had a sore inside my nose.  I think it originated from a dry-winter-air nose bleed, but it wouldn’t heal, mostly because it bothered me so much and it was so itchy, that I wouldn’t leave it alone.  Every time that I fussed with it, I would get a pretty nasty nose bleed.  This was a daily event by the way. So yesterday, after my nose stopped bleeding, it continued to weep all day long.  That afternoon, I asked max to put 2 or 3 drops (not dropper fulls) of Colloidal Silver into my nose.  After about 10 -15 minutes I noticed a huge change.  It was no longer weeping.  This morning it is feeling pretty good, and like it is finally on a healing trend, rather than getting worse or staying the same.  Plus the sore size is smaller today, and there isn’t any extra junk in my nose sticking to the sore (I know that was gross, again I apologize).
So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys since I am so excited about my results.  Plus it was only 2-3 drops of that stuff.  Totally amazing!!  What can’t this stuff do?
J. Allen  Casco, WI

Significant Cholesterol Drop In 8 Months

Most of you know my husband Joe or at least have heard of him!  He, like many people in our country and in the world suffers from high cholesterol – some of this is genetic in tendency and beyond his control without the use of strict diet, cholesterol lowering medication and regular exercise.
Joe is great at the exercise part, pretty good at the diet part and has not decided to take the cholesterol lowering medication.
What he HAS done for the last 8 months is drink Liquid Body Balance each day.  His blood work recently came back and the LDL (bad cholesterol) had dropped from 146 to 91 points since his last test 1 year ago!  He has done NOTHING different except take Liquid Body Balance.  His exercise has been less than consistent and his diet – he struggles with self control.
The doc was thrilled and wants to know more about Liquid Body Balance and Life Force products.


Love your Dogs? Discoloration in Skin/Fur, Joint Stiffness, Dry Skin/Fur

Our Dog Zooey:
We noticed a month ago that our five-year-old labrador retriever, Zooey, had developed very dry and unattractive skin/fur, discoloration in her fur, and problems with her back legs (she couldn’t even jump up on the beds or couches without help).  We started making a concoction for her of tuna fish with Body Balance, OsteoProCare Liquid Calcium, FlexeoPlus Liquid Joint Care, and TruGreens mixed together every morning with her regular food.  After only a week or two she was jumping up on the beds again and jumping up to say hello when we come home.  Now a month later her fur looks beautiful, no discoloration and it’s soft and dandruff-free!
Our Dog Jamocha:
We started Jamocha, our eight-year-old labrador retriever (and Zooey’s mom), on the same concoction as Zooey at the same time because we noticed that she had less vitality and was stiff (reminded me of Frankenstein) when she woke up from her naps. A month after taking a blend of the Body Balance, OsteoProCare, FlexeoPlus, and TruGreens she is no longer stiff.  We are also seeing improvements in her vitality.
What I give each of the dogs:
-1/2 can of inexpensive tuna fish
-1 oz Body Balance
-1 tsp. TruGreens
-1 tsp. OsteoProCare
-2 droppers full FlexeoPlus
about 1 cup dog food
Ethan Wanger, Durango, CO

Parkinson’s Disease

It is a paralysis agitans, a chronic nervous disease characterized by a progressive tremor and weakening of muscle tone. My husband, Dale Adrian, was told by his Doctor,  that he not only had Parkinson’s, but also had two heart valves that were not working. My husband also had headaches and couldn’t sleep well at night. I felt helpless and he kept me up a lot of nights. He was also falling a lot.  So, Dr. Terry and I thought his place would the nursing home. He went there for about one month and I felt so bad because he was worse. I felt like I needed to bring him home and take care of him myself.
In the mean time, I was introduced to Liquid Organic Body Balance. I took it for my arthritis and it helped. I though this may help my husband’s Parkinson’s.  I gave him one quarter cup every morning and within one week, I saw a big difference in his tremors. His headaches were completely gone. He slept all night and that was because I cut his medication in half. I am so thrilled that Liquid Organic Body Balance is helping him to live a little longer. He looks forward to having it every morning. I need to tell you this is what he says, “Honey, please don’t forget my juice!

Constipation, Allergies, Not Sleeping, Acid Reflux

My mother is 97 years old.  The first time I gave Body Balance for her to taste she said “I was wondering when you were going to make me taste that stuff!”
When she saw how it helped me overcome my constipation, allergies, sinus and lung congestion problem, she bought a bottle.  She is on her second bottle now, she drinks it every morning.  She admits, she feels more energy, less eye problems, sleeps better, and has less acid reflux problems!!!  I also can see her improvements, she walks faster, sleeps better, feels more rested during the day, she is less fragile plus she is more mentally and psychically active.
Thank you Life Force for Body Balance and my mothers improved quality of life, she is looking forward to her 100th birthday now!!!!!!!!!
Jeanette N., Denver Colorado

Help With Constipation

I have been taking Body Balance for 10 Years every day.
twice a day to help me with my constipation-digestion challenge.
When I take it regularly every day my body functions
a lot better in comparison to not taking it.
I have tried it both ways and I would not want to be
without Body Balance ever. Everyone should be taking this!

Improved Memory, Focus, Lowered Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

Hi all, for me the first effects I started noticing as a result of taking Body Balance were:

1) An increased energy burst in the morning after taking it.
2) A laser sharp ability to focus on my work.
3) The ability to work longer, no exhaustion
4) An increase and improved memory, suddenly I was thinking of people I hadn’t talked to in years, people from college or childhood just popping into my head.  I was remembering specific conversations and days in vivid color like they were only yesterday.
5) More gradual improvement came over time, lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and lowered blood sugar.
These are the things that I have experienced with prolonged use. Your results may vary but this is what it has done for me.
Best Regards,
Edward H. Salazar,Florida

Mom (age 82) gets results with Alzheimer’s


Thank you so much for making such an impression on my core team by calling me in Neszport , RI .  My brother has been discussing the fact that we may soon have to put my 82 year old Mom in a nursing home in Ft. Worth , Texas .  She was getting very forgetful and starting to show signs of Alzheimer’s.  So I decided to send her a case of Liquid Body Balance for her birthday. Conversations with my Mom in the last 5 months never amounted to more than a few minutes. and not much was ever discussed.
Today June 16th,  is my Mom’s 83rd Birthday, she has been on Liquid Body Balance for almost 3 weeks.  She has been calling me and we have been having the most wonderful conversations, she even got on a 3 way call with my core team this week. I can not thank you enough for developing such a wonderful product.
With Love and Gratitude, Betty T.

Rheumatoid Arthritis relief, off Dangerous Drugs


A few years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  At that time I could not
open my fingers in either hand and had a lot of pain in my hands, wrists, ankles and feet.
I am a hairstylist, so my career was interrupted.  The doctors put me on Methotrexate injections and anti-inflamatory drugs.  These did help,  but I found out I would have to have my blood and urine tested every 3 months to make sure they weren’t poisoning my kidneys, liver and stomach.
After a few months I went back to get my tests.  I asked the doctor how long I would have to take these drugs and he said the rest of my life.  This didn’t sit well with me.
About that time my husband had a friend tell him about Life Force products.  My husband came home and told me he had ordered the products that would help my arthritis.  We both trusted this long time friend and were anxious to try it.
After about two months of taking Liquid Body Balance, Liquid Calcium OsteoProCare, and FlexeoPlus Joint Care, I started to notice I had less pain and was able to move easier.  I gradually decreased my medications over the next few months.  That was over five years ago.  I still take ibuprofin occasionally,  but no other medications.
I have added other Life Force Products over the years and my health continues to improve.   I am 63 years old and still working 3 days a week.  I love my work and am so happy I can continue to provide my best to my loyal and wonderful clientele.
Janett K, Grand Junction , CO

Pets do well on Liquid Body Balance too!

I had an Australian Silky Terrier for 15 years. I put him on Liquid Body Balance 6 years ago when he developed dry, itchy, scaly skin on his spine. He rubbed his skin so much he had no fur left. I gave him 2 Tbsp / day in his food and he fully recovered in a month. The only times he went to the vet was to have grass seeds removed from his ears. As he grew older I also added True Greens to his food as well. He was never vaccinated since the initial puppy treatments. His physical agility was phenomenal right up until he died… escaping onto the road once too often! My niece has Beagles & they wouldn’t drink water until she put Liquid Body Balance into their water bowls.
Mavis C., Perth WA

Cancer Free

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the Liquid Body Balance.  Within a week I noticed a difference, by week two a bigger difference!  You had told me you and your wife would add me in your prayers due to my being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, well I’m happy to tell you that I’m 100% CANCER FREE!!!!!  I still have to be checked every three months for the next six years but YIPEE!
I have my husband taking the product now, and two of my doctors have asked for info on the Body Balance.  They are very interested in it.  I feel like a new person.  I feel as though a death sentence has been lifted (as harsh as that sounds, its true and feels incredible!)  I can’t thank Life Force enough (or Kristen, she is truly an angel in disguise.)  Thank you so much!
I forgot to tell you… my general practitioner is weaning me off 4 different meds…. with not one drop of withdrawal symptoms!   I truly feel it is the Liquid Body Balance that helped with that.  I am now one of Life Force’s BIGGEST FANS!!!!!!
Thank you, Deborah H.

 Pink Eye – gone with no Doctor or Prescription!


A few days ago, my daughter got Pink Eye.  This is an infection of the eye that is highly contagious.  Since I have 7 children, this is always a great concern to me because it means we cannot go anywhere until it is clear, and because it spreads so easily from one child to another, I wanted to make sure we got rid of it right away!
I got out the Colloidal Silver, put one drop in each eye and then she went to bed for the night.  The next day, we put two more drops in each eye before bed.  The next morning, they were perfectly clear, not itchy, not goopy.  We put in one more drop for safe-keeping, and that is it.
No more pink eye!  No spreading of it, and no doctor visit!  A quick and easy solution =)  And it only took 4 drops in each eye to clear it out.  I am so very thankful to Life Force!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Kristie G.