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Too often you never meet or see the ‘people at the top’. Not with Life Force. You’ll see our leadership team at events, on live stream features, and more. We love meeting and supporting the loyal women and men who believe so passionately in our products and sharing them with others. With over 150 combined years of experience in this industry, you can bet our team will continually deliver new ways to help others realize the vibrant health and financial security they dream of.


Quality products bringing health and wellness and financial security. Email or call so we can help you achieve your health/financial goals.
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Darla Atkison

Life Force Product Sales Associate

20 years of  helping bring health and  wellness to 1000’s.  Owner and manager of  BodyHealthRecovery.Com

Contact me with any questions you have about our products, and/or outstanding business opportunity.

I would be more than happy to answer any question you might have or help you in growing an income month after month!

I wish you nothing but the best in 2019! If it is a health issue you have, needing to purchase products, or you desire to make money, contact me today at 1-800-477-2559

Management Team

Ron Hillman

President / CEO – Life Force Intl.

25+ years industry experience specializing in operations, sales, and management.

Wayne & Gerri Hillman

Founders and Goodwill Ambassadors
Founders of Doctor Signature 1984 and then, Life Force in 1995 to bring Body Balance to the world.

Kathy Meadows
Executive Vice President

15+ years industry experience. Guiding the
Future opportunity of Life Force and over-seeing executive operations.

David Raphael
Chief Executive Officer Asia / Pacific

Joined Life Force in 2001.  30+ years
industry experience specializing in new market development and international sales.