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Helping Others Live a Healthier Life…
since 1984


Life Force International has been manufacturing their signature product “Body Balance”, as well as all nutritional health products in El Cajon, CA. Through the years, they have gone above and beyond in their dedication to excellence, both in health and nutritional supplements, by developing a complete line of liquid nutritional supplements for all your health needs.



Our Life Force Team is here to work for you…



making others healthy and achieve their financial freedom is our mission.

Quality products bringing health and wellness and financial security since 1984. Email or call so we can help you achieve your health/financial goals.
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Darla Atkison

Life Force Product Specialist
I have 20 years of  working with Life Force International in helping bring health and  wellness, as well as financial sercurity to a growing number of people. You only have one life and you deserve to feel your very best.  Let me help you in achieving just that:)
Contact me with any questions about health issues, our products, or business opportunity.
I am always here to help you!
I wish you nothing but the best in 2019! If it is a health issue you have, needing to purchase products, or you desire to make money, contact me today!

Management Team

Ron Hillman
President / CEO – Life Force Intl.
25+ years industry experience specializing in operations, sales, and management.
Wayne & Gerri Hillman
Founders of Doctor Signature 1984
Changing to Life Force in 1995, bringing Body Balance to the world.


Kathy Meadows
Executive Vice President
15+ years industry experience. Guiding the
Future opportunity of Life Force and over-seeing executive operations.
David Raphael
Chief Executive Officer Asia / Pacific
Joined Life Force in 2001.  30+ years
industry experience specializing in new market development and international sales.