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The Purpose

The purpose of this page is to store a
collection of life-changing stories from one of a kind products. These stories contain testimonies on
health and wealth. We sincerely hope you share these with everyone,
because you never know what a significant impact it could
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ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

Do you have children… or know someone who has children?  My story is for you.
My 13 year old daughter Sara had been on ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) medication for over 3 1/2 years.  That sounds like a simple statement so let me explain.  Once she was “diagnosed” with ADD, then comes the task of finding the medicine which will work for her.  That is done by trial & error & the error part is horrible.  We were advised to “experiment” with the drug on the weekend because we didn’t know what the effects on her would be.  We gave her the med on Saturday morning & figured out pretty quick that it was NOT for her.  Have you ever seen a child stoned? – and I was the one that did that to her!  She was higher than a kite all day long & she was still “under the influence” the next morning at Sunday school.  Long sad story short, we did find a drug that had more  benefits that out-weighed the negatives.  Negatives being loss of appetite, irritability, nausea & not being able to fall asleep at night.  We ended up having to give her a melatonin pill before bed so she could get a good nights’ sleep to wake up and do this all over again.  Keep in mind, a funny thing happens with kids.  They are constantly growing!  That means you have to make adjustments in the dosage & possibly having to change to a different drug altogether & then going thru everything all over again.  Now being that the drug is a controlled substance, your child needs to be seen every 6 months for a check up to make sure there are not adverse effects happening.  This is really scary stuff.  Being on ADD meds is not a simple statement. Toward the end of last school year, I was told our 9 year old son Blake had symptoms of ADD.  My heart just sank.  We thought we had the right drug for him & sent him off to school but by 9:30 the school called & said he had broken out in hives & to come pick him up.  His doctor felt he was allergic to the binders & fillers that are in all those types of drugs- in other words, he couldn’t take them.  I asked his teacher to please, just keep him at the front of the class & “work” with him until I could figure out what I was going to do.  It was about this time that Liquid Body Balance was introduced to our lives.  It’s a big party for the last day of school- parents, grandparents -everybody turns out to play games & socialize.  I pulled Blake’s teacher aside & asked him how difficult was it to work with him because I needed to prepare next year’s teacher.  I still didn’t know what I was going to do.  Mr. Eggert  looked me straight in the eye & asked what I was talking about – Blake is fine – he thought I had found a drug for him!  I could have cried right then & there – the only thing Blake was on was Body Balance.  You have to know that I stopped Sara’s meds immediately & she’s doing great too!  We are now thru more than half of this school year & Blake & Sara are doing wonderful!  Both are getting great grades and for the first time, are participating in sports and having a ball! Blake recently told me his goals – he wants to earn his Eagle Scout & when he’s 18, he wants to share Life Force Products like me and help other people too.  Please, share my story – you never know who it may help.   Cindy M., Union Grove , WI 

An ADD/ADHD Success Story

Although my health results from using our Liquid Body Balance
is a good story of a healthier immune system and relief from migraines,
the real truth of this phenomenal product is about
my Grandson, who at age 5 was diagnosed with Attention Deficit
Disorder or ADD.  Doctor, after doctor prescribed almost every
medication for him to “treat” this disorder.  Side effects of loss of
appetite, insomnia, constipation, irritability, being more hyper,
more inattention at school, loss of friends, talking a mile a minute,
interrupting and crying didn’t matter…..just give him the medicine.
Being his secondary caregiver, as he stayed at my home when his
Mom worked was a good thing.
In June of 2007, at age 10, I began to give him 2 oz. of Liquid Body Balance.
It took a while to start to see a  change (all while he was still on the medicine)
but change did begin.  When he was 73 lbs. I started giving him 4 oz. a day.  The final straw
came when a doctor prescribed a medication of 10mg to be taken
for 2 weeks, then to be increased to 18mg in another 2 weeks and
then increased to 40mg.  I refused to give it to him.  I read that
research has proven that ADD is specifically linked to mineral and
enzyme deficiencies.  I believed that given time Liquid Body Balance
would help him.  IT DID!  He has been off the medicine
since March of ’08. His appetite is back, the insomnia, constipation, irritability,
hyperness, inattention at school, loss of friends, talking a mile a minute,
interrupting and crying are things of the past.  He was chosen as
one of the all star players on his baseball team this past season.
Friday, 10/24/08, he brought his report card home….an A in math,
the rest B’s and a C in Social Studies!!  Thanks to Liquid Body Balance.
My mission now is to educate whomever will listen about the
amazing results my Grandson has gotten from taking this
phenomenal product.  I am happy to share this story and
give hope to those who need it.
Tinley Park , IL

ADHD Results – Better Behavior, Better Grades!

My grandson, Hunter Quinn, turned 9 years old in May, 2009.  He’s always been a bright, inquisitive, young man with many friends, and the joy of my life!  His dad, my son David, was diagnosed at a young age with attention deficit disorder,ADD and like many other parents did in the 80’s, I put him on medication to control the symptoms.  As Hunter grew up, it was pretty obvious he was like his dad in many ways. When Hunter was in 2nd grade, the school asked if they could do some testing.   None of us were surprised when they told us Hunter had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.
At that point, I had been taking Liquid Body Balance for about a year with positive results.  We decided that we would try that with Hunter instead of drugs.  So toward the end of second grade, he started taking 3 to 4 ounces of Liquid Body Balance daily.  We all saw improved behavior within a couple of weeks.  During summer vacation, his mom’s parents took him to the zoo.  They knew he had been diagnosed with ADHD and, when they got home, asked my daughter-in-law if he was on medication. They thought his behavior was so much calmer and he listened to them more readily. A few weeks after Hunter returned to school last September, the teacher asked if he had been put on medication over the summer.  Again, his mom said no and explained he was taking a whole food nutritional supplement daily.
Hunter’s mom, Angie says “Hunter has calmed down substantially.  Before Liquid Body Balance, if he had to sit still at a doctor’s office, in school, for dinner at home, etc., it was extremely difficult for him.  He just couldn’t do it.  Now that’s not a problem.  He is much more cooperative when doing his homework, and better organized in getting things finished.  He has an easier time following directions, and we notice a big difference in how he is inter-acting and playing with his sister and brother”.  Math had been a problem in the second grade.  At the end of 3rd grade his teacher, Mrs. Breneman, wrote on his report card (and I quote) “Hunter has done great in Math this year.  He has really mastered concepts that were difficult for him last year.  Hooray for progress!”   School has been the most amazing turn-around.  According to his teacher, his writing is neater and much more legible; he is doing better on tests and is now capable of paying attention when the teacher is speaking.  That is major for him!   He has been taking 3 to 4 ounces of Liquid Body Balance daily for a little more than a year.  We are so happy at how he is doing, and we all say “Hooray for Liquid Body Balance”.
When he comes to visit me, he’ll go into the refrigerator to pour himself some Liquid Body Balance, and I’ll say “Hunter you’ve already taken it today”.   He says, “Yes, Grama, but this stuff is good, it makes me smart”.  Then I tell him, “it’s not making you smart, Hunter, you are smart.  It’s just bringing out what is inside you”.   I thank Heaven that my sister, Penny Wanger, introduced me to this product in October, 2007.  My husband and I, our married children and our grandchildren are a Liquid Body Balance family.   I cannot praise Liquid Body Balance, and many of the other Life Force products enough; they have changed our lives for the better and had a huge impact on the quality of our family life!
Submitted by:  Kathy Q, MI