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The purpose of this page is to store a
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Joint Injury Pain Gone

Seven years ago I had a volleyball injury on the ligaments below my thumb. Several doctors suggested surgery, but one believed I could heal through physical therapy, which I did.
Two months ago I re-injured the area. I ordered FlexeoPlus Liquid Joint Care and within three days of taking the product the pain in the area subsided and my range of motion was back 100%!
There is still a bit of healing going on in the area, so I continue to take FlexeoPlus and I am seeing more results from no more swelling to even less pain. I totally recommend this product to anyone with joint/ligament, etc. pain! I’m So grateful for Life Force Intl and its products.
Marla Bosworth Duxbury , MA

Hypothyroidism: “Thyroid numbers came back normal”

I have hypothyroidism, and for the past few years I have had to, at different times, increase my medication. So I went to my nutritional therapist and he put me on a supplement which worked for a while. But after a while I needed a higher the dosage of that. That wasn’t my goal. My goal was, to never have to take medication for anything.
I went to an open house at my nutritionist’s office and this woman showed up with a newsletter about a product with aloe and sea vegetables, aka “Body Balance“. I said, “I need that.” After 3 months of taking Liquid Body Balance I lowered my supplements to half, and when I went to my regular doctor my thyroid test came back as normal! I am confident that at some point in the near future I will no longer need anything except my Liquid Body Balance.
Kathleen Schiffmann

Speedy Knee Surgery Recovery

I just had knee surgery less than 2 weeks ago and my recovery has been almost like I never had surgery. Right after the surgery the Dr ‘ s, were so surprised that my knee had minimal bruising and swelling.  I had absolutely no pain is also amazing to the Dr ‘ s.  I was only on the couch for maybe 2 hrs. the first day and only used the crutches for all of a half an hour, and  was able to walk without them. Last Wednesday I went to Physical therapy and they were blown away that I could walk and do everything that most people do after 6 weeks of therapy. I just went back today and I almost have full range of motion and am completely pain free. Needless to say I will not be going 6-8 weeks for therapy.  This week will be it.  I can honestly say that taking Body Balance has changed my life and my body.  I will take it as long as I live.  Thank You!
Gina Brown, Scituate , Ma

Diabetic’s Blood Sugar and Weight Drops Easily

I was diagnosed with diabetes just over a year ago.  After you and I spoke about the benefits, and I placed my order, I wanted to put Liquid Body Balance to the test.  I started checking my blood sugar every morning.  Every morning my blood sugar checked in between 240 and 250.  That is after 8 hours of sleep, and on an empty stomach.  I checked it every day for 7 days while awaiting my shipment of Liquid Body Balance.  It ran consistently between 240 and 250.  After my 3rd day of taking Liquid Body Balance, my blood sugar checked in at 141.  Odd – I had done nothing else differently.
I continued taking my Liquid Body Balance, and continued checking my blood.  It was consistently between 140 and 145.  I also noticed that I had more energy,  I was sleeping better, and I felt more rested in the morning.  I even felt that, for no other way to describe it, that my eyes were open a little wider.  I just felt better.  I also notice almost immediately that I was eating less.  My little 4 ounce glass of Liquid Body Balance filled me up.  I was eating 1/2 of what I had been eating before, and  I was a big eater!  I couldn’t believe I was leaving all that food on my plate.  It wasn’t like me to take doggy bags!
It’s also easier to make healthy choices on what to eat when you aren’t constantly starving out of your mind.  I’m happy to say that I’ve lost a few pounds (11 but who’s counting!) and have changed nothing else in my life.  I believe it’s the Liquid Body Balance.  So now here I am several months into my Liquid Body Balance, and my blood sugar is checking in between 100 and 109 each morning, which is MUCH closer to normal than where I started at.  I wish I had known about this years ago.
Chad M,   NH

No Energy


Before drinking Body Balance, I felt sluggish most days – especially mid-day.  I wanted to just nap or sit down.  My energy levels were pretty low.  My mind kept saying “I can’t do another thing”, and my body responded as well.  I craved food all day long…I always felt hungry – even if I wasn’t.  Since taking Body Balance, my energy levels have drastically improved.  I have an amazing amount of energy.  My body feels like it used to in my twenties.  I feel more alive than I have in a long time.  My cravings have gone.  I find myself more balanced. – Kim H., MA

Skin Cleared up!

My skin started to clear up after a week of being on Body Balance!
Lana N, Boston MA

Increased Energy, Better Sleep, Better Skin Tone, Curbed Cravings, No Allergies!

My husband and I have been on Liquid Body Balance for five months, and we’ve seen lots of positive benefits: increased energy, better sleep, curbed cravings for food because we’ve felt sated, better skin tone.  What we’re experiencing through this high pollen count phase this spring is that we aren’t having ANY allergies!  Amazing!  We’re both usually sneezing, itching and doing the whole thing both spring and late summer, so this is fabulous.
Craig and Karen, MA


I used to get pretty sick from my allergies, and had to take a day off almost every week from work when I was having an allergic phase. Since I’ve been taking Liquid Body Balance, about a year now, I have not had allergies and haven’t had to take any time off from work because of them.  Pretty amazing.
Lisa, Wayland MA


I started using Liquid Body Balance regularly a few months ago.  I had been having severe break-outs of hives on a daily basis.  The doctors were unable to give me relief other than with medication. I decided to give Liquid Body Balance a try.  I am happy to say that my break-outs have almost been eliminated; there are only an occasional 1 or 2 every now and then.  I am sure with long term use it will eliminate them completely.  Thank you so much for bringing this product to my attention! – Mike Valentine, San Mateo CA

TruBoost Energy Drink,…lost 6 pounds, less stress, more energy!

I just realized this morning that I have lost 6 pounds since starting to drink TruBoost Energy on October 4th. Today is November 12th.  I started losing after drinking TruBoost Energy Drink  – 1 a day for about 1 month. I think I had 1 day where I drank two of them, which felt great! So, I’ve lost 6 pounds in two weeks. Yeaaaaa! I’m excited!  Also of note, I feel more at peace, less stressed, happier, more able to let go and not feel that I have to be totally in control of everything, more patient.  I seem to have a deeper well to draw from in my capacity for accomplishing everything I put my hands to on a daily basis.  In short, I’m getting more done in less time, also adding to feeling less stressed!  It’s wonderful.
Have a blessed day!

Fast Relief For Muscle Pain and Soreness

My daughter, Faith, 11 years old, has started wrestling at the middle school this last week.  As you can imagine, the first few practices are rigorous and she started complaining of aching and sore muscles in her legs.I had heard that putting Liquid FlexeoPlus Joint Care on the skin and rubbing it in helped with pain, so we decided to try that.  We rubbed it on and she said, “Mom, it went away instantly.” (the pain)  I couldn’t hardly believe that, I mean come on. The next morning, she was sore again, and asked for more of that “stuff”.  So we rubbed some on and again, she said the pain was gone.  This whole week she has been using the Liquid FlexeoPlus regularly after practice, and I haven’t heard one complaint.  I know it sounds unbelievable, I didn’t believe it at first either, but it’s true.  It really works! ~Kristie

Healthy Pregnancy

After confirming my pregnancy, my doctor recommended I begin pre-natal vitamins.  I always had a issue with taking pills, and wasn’t looking forward to having to take the huge pre-natal pills, especially being as queasy as I was in the mornings already. So I provided my doctor with an outline of the ingredients for Liquid Body Balance and asked if I could take Body Balance instead of the pills.  His response was it definitely had the essential vitamins I needed, and I would only need to take a very small pill for my folic acid daily.
I continued on Liquid Body Balance through-out my pregnancy and experienced very few issues.  My Nicky was born via c-section at 9 lbs, 13ozs and absolutely perfect.  He is now 6 months and approximately 21 lbs and a very happy little boy.  He sleeps 12 hours at night and just laughs the day away.  In the morning when he wakes up rather than crying for his bottle, he just sits happily in his chair and talks away.
I do believe that a lot of the ease with my pregnancy and my happy little boy had to do with taking Liquid Body Balance through-out my pregnancy.  Being able to “drink” my daily vitamins, versus trying to swallow those “horse-pills” made my mornings much easier, while I also benefited from the extra energy Body Balance always gave me.  I like to think my little guy is so easy because of Liquid Body Balance and I will definitely be taking it when I decide to have another.
Vicki C.,  Fairfax , VA

Leaky Gut Syndrome & Celiac Disease

My daughter who is 9, was diagnosed at 3 years old, with Leaky Gut Syndrome. As the protein kernel inside wheat (gluten) passes into the blood stream, her immune system sees it as an allergen and attacks it, causing my daughter to: breathe poorly, complain her stomach hurts, contract a runny nose and persistent cough; all symptoms of  her gluten intolerance.
When she takes 1.8 ozs of Liquid Body Balance daily, her stomach doesn’t hurt and is free of all of her other symptoms. Her uncle has Celiac Disease and has found Liquid Body Balance to be one of the very few supplements he’s able to take daily without experiencing toxicity from the product. Hope this is helpful. BTW, its because Liquid Body Balance has helped my daughter that I continue to share her story with anyone interested in experiencing greater health and well-being.
Take good care,  Tcha