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The purpose of this page is to store a
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 No More Hormone Replacement Drugs

My family suffers from low serotonin levels.  During the start of menopause in 2001, I became clinically depressed as my mother also had during her menopause.  My doctor prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help with symptoms of the depression.   I had been on these medications since June 2001.
Early last year, my doctor wanted me to reduce the dosage and potentially stop the HRT because I have a sister who had estrogen sensitive breast cancer.  She prescribed anti-depressant drugs while I gradually reduced the levels of estrogen.  Even with the anti-depressant drugs I still could feel the negative effects of the reduced estrogen levels.  I soon had to return to my normal, full dosage of HRT drugs.
In mid March of 2007, I started taking Liquid Body Balance.  I immediately felt a sense of well being that I had not felt for a long time.  Because there were more studies that have come out about HRT, I decided that I would try again to reduce my HRT dosage.  This time, however, I did not take anti-depressant drugs.  About a month after I started taking Liquid Body Balance, I gradually reduced the HRT.  It is now the end of June and I’ve been completely off the HRT drugs for about two months.  I have had none of the negative side effects that I had previously.
Since taking Liquid Body Balance, I’ve been able to sleep better, have had no anxiety and more energy.
Nancy E – 

5 Years of Fibromyalgia Pain Gone

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which has no cure.  My doctors told me they would help me with pain management for the rest of my life. I just couldn’t imagine spending the next 30+ years on painkillers, so I searched for alternatives. I did find one that kept my symptoms at bay, but it cost me a lot of time and a lot of money.  I still had to limit my commitments and activities, and made sure I got plenty of sleep, because the threat of painful flare-ups from “overdoing” was always with me.
When I started drinking Liquid Body Balance I had no expectations of its benefits to me.
But After 10 months, it was unbelievable, not only do I have no pain but I have more energy than I have had in years.  I had actually forgotten what it felt like to feel good – to have no pain PLUS vitality!  Now I do aerobics and train with weights 3 times a week!  I no longer have to protect myself, or be treated by others, as if I were a fragile invalid.
I play with my grandchildren, and do all the things I want to do!
Nancy M., MA

Exhausted Nursing Mother Revitalized

When my first son was almost 4 years old and my second son was a newborn I went to visit my parents. My Dad, is an MD. He said that I looked so worn out and anemic. I had been sleeping during the day and falling asleep with the kids every night and just felt constantly tired. At night, when the baby woke me up to nurse, I could not fall asleep again for two or three hours.
It was impossible for me to be positive and caring with my oldest. Because I was so exhausted I could hardly think. My dad asked me to try Liquid Body Balance to see if it would help. After just three days of taking Liquid Body Balance, I started to notice an improvement in my energy level. It also became easier for me to fall asleep after the baby woke me up at night.
Soon, I was not sleepy during the day any more and I was staying up until 10 or 11 pm, well past the kids bedtime. When I woke up at night to nurse, I would fall right back asleep. Having more sleep and more energy has allowed me to be more patient with my older child at a time when he really needs me, that is worth everything to me.
Sandra, Watertown, MA

 Diabetics Blood Sugar From Over 600 to 109

I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in 1998. Since then my health has gone downhill. My parents died of complications from diabetes. So I was battling my present condition, and genetics too. In January 2007, I was denied life insurance because my fasting blood sugar level hit >600. After six months or restricted diet and medication, I reapplied for life insurance, and again I was denied because my blood sugar level was above 300.I have never had normal blood sugar results in any of my glucose self test in spite of strictly following doctor’s orders. On May 7, 2008, my wife introduced me to Liquid Body Balance. I skeptically drank 4 oz every morning on an empty stomach. On June 17, 2008 my doctor told me the results of my lab test that was done on the first week of June. He was amazed and so was I. The result came back at a blood sugar level of 109!  My diabetes is now controlled.
Chito M.,   Los Angeles , CA

Blood Pressure lowers; off medication (Calan-sr)  Migraine Headaches, Low Energy

Three years ago I had been on the high blood pressure medication Calan-sr for 17yrs. I also had frequent migraine headaches, low energy, and hair loss.
The reason I was on the medication was due to Surviving two Brain Aneurysm Operations.
I was then introduced to Body Balance and several of the other Life Force products. After taking the products for 2 ½ months I monitored my blood pressure. It was 110/70 down from a medicated 120/95. Since then, I am medication free.
I now have NO headaches since taking the products. I now have full head of hair, which I thought would never grow back. My energy is thru the roof. I’m 54 yrs. young and I feel like I’m only 25.
I believe these products have changed my life. I thank GOD for Life Force.
Sincerely,  Carol H.,  IL

Asthma – My Lungs are the Best They Have Ever Been

I just wanted to pass along some good news. I have been going to the VA health clinic for sometime for medication and to see doctors and so on. Anyway, I took a lung function test today to see how my breathing is doing because I have asthma. And low and behold my lungs are at the best that they have ever been. I did even better than my first test done in 1993 when I was living in Mesa, Arizona .
Is it the Liquid Body Balance? I don’t know what else I am doing different from 15 years ago to now, other than taking Body Balance. I know I am so happy! Thanks for listening. Have a nice day.
Anthony , CT

Terminal Parathyroid Calcium Loss Stopped!

My mother-in-law, who is 85 years old, has recently been using the Liquid Aloe and Sea Vegetables Supplement known as Body Balance. Back in early 2007, she was diagnosed with only one more year to live.  She had tumors on her parathyroid and her body was losing calcium each day through urinary calcium loss.  After taking the product consistently for just three weeks, she went in for a test and to her doctor’s great surprise, she had stopped losing calcium!  She told us that she was really starting to feel great!! She said her energy was way up.  The muscles in her thighs started building up again and she gained 9 lbs (she was only 98 lbs before starting on the product).
The doctors don’t know what to say…  but they were truly amazed (and still are).  Based on her condition, they don’t know how this incredible turnaround happened.  She told me, “I love this stuff and I will never get off it”  It’s been well over a year now and her results have continued.
Use this story any way you wish.
Thanks.   Jim D., CO

Edema, Poor Circulation

I am so excited about using Liquid Body Balance and would love to share with you some more about the changes I have seen in myself in the past month.I have been showing my ankles to anyone who will look at them because…they are so beautiful and thin. The swelling is going away and now my legs are beginning not to have as much edema. I’ve lost 6 pounds without trying, I think as a result of not looking for that something that would make me feel satisfied. The muscles around my knees were always contracted and kept me from walking without pain as well as my ankles now they are relaxed and I’ve been walking at least three times a week.  I have heard all kinds of wonderful things from my friends that I have referred to Liquid Body Balance: more energy, no more depression, more relaxed, feeling better, no more stiff neck, lost weight, and that’s just a few. Oh, and best of all, my Mom has taken it two weeks and her feet were turning blue-ish from bad circulation and now they are pink again.  It’s amazing how the body feels when you give it what it needs to function properly. – Sherry L, Randolph ME

Debilitating Incontinence & Insomnia

 When I began taking Liquid Body Balance at age 52, I was living with two debilitating health issues.First, I had gone through menopause at a relatively early age but found myself on the other side with a rabid case of incontinence.  I began seeing a urologist and, after trying physical therapy and three different prescription medications to no avail, I submitted to extensive bladder studies.  At that time the doctor told me that I had one of the worst cases of incontinence he had ever seen.  Because I had “urge” incontinence, my last option in getting some relief was surgery that involved implanting a pacemaker in the small of my back.  The pacemaker would send out a vibration that interrupted the faulty signal that my bladder was sending my brain telling it that I had to urinate. At this point, I was totally desperate as my bladder was quite literally running my life and my activities were severely restricted.  At the time I had the surgery, I had been taking Liquid Body Balance for 2-3 months.  After a year of uncomfortable living with the pacemaker and its limitations, it began to malfunction and I was told it had to be removed or replaced.  As I had gotten at best what I considered a marginal result, I opted to have it removed and began lamenting the prospect of returning to being a slave to my bladder.  By the time the pacemaker was surgically removed, I had been taking Liquid Body Balance for 15-16 months.  I went into the hospital severely depressed thinking my bladder issues be worse than ever.  To my surprise and elation, my incontinence never returned!  (This despite being told that urge incontinence that does not improve, but only deteriorates and gets worse over time.)In addition to the bladder problem, I had suffered from insomnia since my late 20’s.  I would often go 2-3 nights without sleeping and would go through my days like a zombie trying to work, keep a home and raise a child on no sleep.  Shortly after I began taking Liquid Body Balance, I noticed my sleep patterns gradually improving.  Shortly after, I added Liquid OsteoProCare and insomnia vanished.  To this day I sleep like a baby and the insomnia has never returned.I credit the combination of Liquid Body Balance and Liquid OsteoProCare with giving me both my days and nights back.  Living in freedom from both lack of sleep and no bladder control allows me total freedom from restrictions of any kind.  Life Force products have been an indescribable gift.   Now at 58, I have never felt better, have energy to burn and am confident that I’ll be using the products for the rest of my life.
Judith B., Charlotte , NC

Osteoarthritis & Hypoglycemia Gone

I am a horse trainer and formerly played professional polo.  It was hard on my body and when I turned 40, I developed major health problems. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, I had Hypoglycemia, experienced symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression from the constant pain. I tried conventional and alternative therapies. None of them worked. God answered my prayers by sending me Life Force. I started on Liquid Body Balance, OsteoProCare Liquid Calcium, followed by Colon Cleanse Program. Within 3 weeks, I felt so much better.  I am now pain free, I have energy all day and the depression is gone.  I have my life back.  I thank God every day for Life Force.  I haven’t been back to the doctor, because I feel so great.  I have been able to try more of the Life Force products, which prove to be just as excellent.  Being able to share the products with others is incredible and this allows me to have a new career which is rewarding in health and freedom. I don’t have to go back to a job that kept us on edge financially and was so hard on my body. With my health turn around and the business opportunity, I have a well-balanced life with mind, body and spirit. Grant, Jackson Wy

 Gout Is Gone

 My gout hasn’t bothered me in three weeks (since he’s been on the Liquid Body Balance) – it’s gone.  I used to get it every week for two or three days at a time; it would get pretty painful – at times I couldn’t walk.  I’m like a spring chicken these days…I have energy, I’m running around; I feel really good.  I haven’t felt this way in probably 10 years.  Because of it, I’m looking at other ways to take care of myself – to get healthier, to walk more.  It’s helped me with my motivation. – Tom R, Sabattus ME